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This article is about the NPC found all over RuneScape. For other uses, see Spider (disambiguation).

Lv 1 Underground Pass Ape Atoll Lv 24

Spiders are found all over Gielinor, but most notably in the Stronghold of Security, where they can be found at Combat level 24 and in large numbers. Spiders are usually considered a nuisance and drop no items. It should also be noted that the level 24 spiders are aggressive and can hit up to 6 damage. They give 22 Slayer experience per kill.



Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Looting bag.png Looting bag(m) 1 Uncommon (1/30)[1] Not sold
Mysterious emblem.png Mysterious emblem(m) 1 Rare (1/154)[2] 68,122
Slayer's enchantment.png Slayer's enchantment(m) 1 Rare (1/318.4)[2] 1,661


  1. Only dropped by those found in the Wilderness.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Only dropped while on a slayer assignment given by Krystilia.