Spin Flax is a Lunar spell requiring level 76 Magic to cast. The spell spins flax into bow strings, spinning 5 flax and gaining 75 Magic experience, in addition to 15 Crafting experience per flax spun for a maximum of 75 Crafting experience per cast.

Experience rates are approximately 80k Crafting experience and 80k Magic experience per hour.

Assuming a player uses a staff that provides air runes and converts five flax into bow string per cast, casting Spin Flax will result in a profit of -160 coins.


Spell cost
1Astral rune2Nature rune5Air rune640
Combo runes
1Astral rune2Nature rune5Dust rune635
1Astral rune2Nature rune5Smoke rune945
1Astral rune2Nature rune5Mist rune1,085
1Astral rune2Nature runeStaff of air615
1Astral rune2Nature runeMist battlestaff615
1Astral rune2Nature runeDust battlestaff615
1Astral rune2Nature runeSmoke battlestaff615

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