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The Spined Larupia is a large type of feline-like animal found in the hunting area south of the Feldip Hills. It somewhat resembles a cougar with spines on its back. Larupias are Combat level 40 but non-attackable and are important in the Hunter skill.

Level 31 Hunter is required to hunt larupias, and they can be hunted using the pitfall technique. Spined larupia fur can be used to make Spined larupia armour.

They can attack players, damaging up to 5, so it is better to be careful when hunting them.

Luring larupia requires a teasing stick.

Trapping one of these is a task from the Medium Western Provinces Diary.

Ways to get there

  1. Teleport to Castle Wars using a ring of dueling, and head south until you reach the Hunter area, then go south-east.
  2. Use fairy ring code AKS (which brings you to Feldip Hills) and head south. (Fairytale II - Cure a Queen must be started.)
  3. Players can also take the gnome glider and walk south to get to Hunter area. (One Small Favour required.)
  4. Use the Eagle transport system's jungle eagle and go east. (Eagle's Peak quest and rope required.)
  5. Using the Ogre boat ride transport from Tai Bwo Wannai to Feldip Hills. (Saving Skrach Uglogwee is required; a chompy or "exotic herb" is needed for payment.)
  6. Use the Hunter cape teleport option to Feldip Hills.
  7. Use a Feldip hills teleport scroll.
  8. Use spirit tree.

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