Spirit of Scorpius chathead

The Spirit of Scorpius is a Zamorakian ghost. After completion of Observatory Quest, he will give the player an unholy mould and bless unholy symbols. He is found south-west of Ardougne in the Shrine of Scorpius, almost due north of the Observatory.

Scorpius is very close to the hunting area with red salamanders.

Whilst alive, Scorpius was an astronomer and had an apprentice named Phyrrys. He actually created the art, and has a constellation named after him.

Scorpius was later persecuted for his craft and his knowledge and instruments were almost totally lost. The art eventually returned to the world, as discovered in the Observatory Quest. This is covered in the Astronomy book in greater detail.


  • According to what Scorpius says, Zamorak has been observing the player.
  • Though he is a ghost, the player does not need an amulet of ghostspeak to talk to him. When you do talk to him, the chatbox says, "This powerful spirit seems capable of speaking to you even though you are not wearing an Amulet of Ghostspeak."
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