Spotted kebbit icon.png

Spotted kebbits are creatures that can only be hunted in the falconry area at the Piscatoris Hunter area. The fur they drop can be made into spotted capes in Varrock's Fancy Dress Shop for 400 coins. If a player attempts to catch a spotted kebbit without a falcon, the kebbit will escape.

A player will need 43 Hunter to catch a spotted kebbit.


A spotted kebbit can be captured by borrowing a Gyr falcon and a Falconer's glove from the falcon expert Matthias, found north in the fenced area for 500 coins.

Note that if you run away or get teleported away by a random event, you'll need to pay the expert again.

Once a player has the required items, the falcon will catch the kebbit if they click on it. If the capture is successful, the falcon will stay on the kebbit and the player needs to pick up the kebbit.

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