A Square shield that is a type of shield that is equipped in the off-hand slot. They provide less defence than a kiteshield, but still provide adequate protection. They are actually rectangular in shape, not square.

Metal Defence Smithing level to make
Bronze sq shield
Bronze sq shield 1 8
Iron sq shield 10 23
Steel sq shield 20 38
Black sq shield 25 N/A
White sq shield* 25


Mithril sq shield
Mithril sq shield 30 58
Adamant sq shield 40 78
Rune sq shield
Rune sq shield 50 93
Dragon sq shield** 60 60**

* White sq shield must be bought from Sir Vyvin after completing Wanted!

** Dragon sq shield isn't created from metal, but smithed from two halves: shield left half and shield right half.

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