This article is about the item obtained during Spirits of the Elid. For the shrine located in Nardah, see Elidinis Statuette.

Statuette (Spirits of the Elid) detail.png

The Statuette is used during the Spirits of the Elid quest. It must be retrieved from the evil genie in the crevice to the west of Nardah. The genie will give the player the statuette if they present him with the sole of the mayor of Nardah.

Once the statuette is returned to the Elidinis Statuette, players may recharge their Prayer there to receive +2 bonuses Prayer points as well as a boost to hitpoints, and their special attack energy and run energy will be fully restored as well. Any poison, venom, or disease the player has will also be cured.


  • While players can use the drop trick to get additional statuettes, any statuettes in your bank upon finishing the quest will vanish.

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