Steel bolts detail.png

Steel bolts are the fourth available bolt, just after Iron bolts. Steel bolts may be shot from a steel crossbow or anything better.

Dropping monsters

Steel bolts

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Zombie pirate 57 2 2; Common
Sorebones 57 6 2; Common

Steel bolts (p)

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Giant ant soldier 58 1–20 4; Rare

Making Steel Bolts

If a player wished to create his or her own steel bolts, one must obtain a steel bar. At 33 smithing a player can create 10 unfinished steel bolts per bar by using a hammer and an anvil. Most players find it easy to fletch bolts at the anvil south of Varrock's west bank because it is close to a bank and the Grand Exchange. After the player receives the unfinished bolts, the player must attach one feather to each bolt. The player must be a level 46 fletching in order to complete the bolts. Feathers, unfinished bolts, and finished bolts are all stackable to the player's convenience. When feathering, each bolt yields 3.5 experience. If a player wished to do so, he or she may attach red topaz bolt tips at a fletching level of 48 to create red topaz bolts. Template:Infobox Bonuses Beta

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