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Steel darts are member's only Ranged throwing weapons. To wield steel darts players must have at least level 20 Ranged. They can be obtained by either using the Smithing and Fletching skills or trading with another player. Steel darts can be poisoned and can be wielded with a shield protection or god book for protection and or ranged bonus.

To create steel darts the player must have completed the Tourist Trap quest and have at least level 34 Smithing and level 37 Fletching. Each steel bar will create 10 steel dart tips and the player will receive 37.5 Smithing experience. When feathers are added the player will receive 10 steel darts and 7.5 Fletching experience per steel dart. Many players buy these, as they are exceptional for training at places such as yaks, and because they have a relatively low cost.

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Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Flockleader Geerin 149 95–100 2; Common
Sergeant Grimspike 142 95–100 2; Common
Sergeant Steelwill 142 95–100 2; Common
Sergeant Strongstack 141 95–100 2; Common
Starlight 149 95–100 2; Common
Wingman Skree 143 95–100 2; Common
Angry barbarian spirit 166 10 3; Uncommon
Balfrug Kreeyath 151 98 3; Uncommon
Growler 139 97–100 3; Uncommon
Skeleton brute 132 10 3; Uncommon
Tstanon Karlak 145 98 3; Uncommon
Zakl'n Gritch 142 96–100 3; Uncommon
Dried zombie 89; 94; 110 1–25 8; Unknown

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