Steel key ring detail

The steel key ring is a reward for completing One Small Favour.

If lost, a new key ring can be bought from Yanni Salika in Shilo Village for 500 coins; however, this will not bring back all of the keys on it, and (when dropped) one will have to collect them all over again.

However, the Drop trick can be used to receive multiple versions of this item (costing 500gp each). As long as you have one of them in your bank, you will not lose the keys on it, even if you lose a keyring you have on you. The Drop trick must be done before adding keys to the key ring. If you try to do the Drop trick with a full key ring you will lose all of the keys in the key ring.

The ring is an item that cannot be worn, but stores keys to save up space. All keys added can be removed. It can hold the following keys:

Key Use Obtained
Ancestral key Allows access to the Spirits of the Elid cave north of Nardah. Telegrabbed from the museum in Nardah. (It's called 'Key' when stored in the key ring.)
Battered key Allows access to the Elemental Workshop Using a knife on the Battered book
Bone key Key to Rashiliyia's Tomb. During the Shilo Village quest.
Brass key Allows access to the entrance to the Edgeville Dungeon near Varrock In Edgeville Dungeon.
Crystal mine key Allows access to the crystal mine from the Haunted Mine quest. From the last boss in the Haunted Mine quest.
Dusty key Provides access to deeper parts of the Taverley Dungeon. Obtained from the explorer trapped in the Black Knight area of the Taverley Dungeon.
Enchanted key Lets you find a number of buried chests with a hot/cold style game. These chests give a number of items as well as the Mjolnirs. Given by the Silver Merchant in Ardougne after finishing the Making History quest.
Weapon store key Allows you entrance to the Phoenix Gang's weapon room during the Shield of Arrav quest. Must be obtained by a player who's a member of the Phoenix Gang.
Maze key Used to enter Melzar's Maze It is given to players by the Guildmaster of the Champions' Guild during the Dragon Slayer quest. (Should players lose it before completing the quest, they may return to the Guildmaster to claim another.)

Can also be bought at the Legends' Guild.

Metal key Provides access to the Desert Mining Camp Obtained by killing the Mercenary Captain during the Tourist Trap quest.
New key Provides access to the Mourner Tunnels and dark beasts. Obtained from speaking to the Head mourner.
Shiny key Lets you into the shed behind McGrubor's Wood, which is a shortcut to the deeper sections of the Temple of Ikov. In the Temple of Ikov near the Lesser demons.
Wrought iron key Provides access to the mine inside the Desert Mining Camp. Reward for completing the Tourist Trap quest. If you lose it, it can be replaced by searching the desk of the captain inside the Desert Mining Camp.

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