Stew is a food item made with the Cooking skill. A Cooking level of 25 is required to make them. Stews give 117 Cooking experience, and heal 11 hitpoints. Players will no longer burn stews when they reach level 58 cooking.

Stews are also the starting ingredient for curry and spicy stews.

It can be sold to the Draynor tree guard for 30 coins.

Maid can also make a stew in a player house if asked.

Dropping monsters


Making the stew

To make a stew:

It can also be purchased from

Buy/Sell Technique

There is a method that allows players to earn around 25,000 coins every half-hour. By buying the required items to make Stew, a player can shave off good time as opposed to acquiring each individual object. (Prices below based on one bowl of Stew)

  1. Buy a bowl of water
  2. Buy a piece of cooked meat
  3. Buy one potato
  4. Combine all ingredients to make Uncooked Stew
  5. Cook the Stew on a range (117 cooking experience gained)

Players are also able to, instead of purchasing each item, retrieve each required item by hand. It is advisable to pick the potatoes from the Lumbridge Potato patch , then use the nearby cows as the source of Raw Meat. Bowls can be purchased cheaper empty than filled with water, but can also be purchased for even cheaper at general stores in quantities of 10, while water is always nearby within the Lumbridge Castle Kitchen. Because the Lumbridge Castle Kitchen's Range also burns Stews less frequently (Also called the Cook-O-Matic 25), it is highly recommended to cook all Stews on this range.

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Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Chaos Elemental 305 10 3; Uncommon
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