Stone-plaque detail

The stone-plaque is a quest item that is obtained during the Shilo Village quest by using a chisel or a spade on a stone tablet in Ah Za Rhoon.

The tablet is close to the ruined table by the hand-like water. The plaque should be given to Trufitus in Tai Bwo Wannai village along with a tattered scroll (pink), crumpled scroll (green), and the Zadimus corpse in order to progress through the quest. Trufitus translates it as a message left by Rashiliyia dooming Zadimus to eternal suffering.

Attempting to read it results in a message stating "The markings are very intricate. It's a very strange language. The meaning of it evades you though. Perhaps Trufitus can decipher the markings?"

Players can sell the plaque for 100 gold to Yanni Salika after the quest.

When you try to drop the item, you will receive a confirmation message, then when you drop it you will receive a text stating, "You drop the plaque and it bounces in a stream never to be seen again".

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