This article is about a basket of strawberries. For the individual fruit itself, see strawberry.

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Strawberries(1) detail
Strawberries(2) detail
Strawberries(5) detail
Strawberries(5) detail
Strawberries(5) detail

A basket of strawberries is a basket containing 1 to 5 strawberries. Three baskets full of strawberries is the payment for a farmer to watch over a dwellberry bush or an orange tree in the Farming skill.

When eaten a strawberry heals 1-6 hitpoints (6% of the players maximum hitpoints, rounded up). Up to 5 strawberries may be put in a fruit basket. A basket full of strawberries has the ability to hold 30 hitpoints of food, making it third to Purple sweets and Saradomin brews when it comes to the amount of hitpoints of food that can be held in one inventory slot.

Maximum HP Level Total Heals (Heals per Strawberry) GP per heal
Strawberries(5)10-165 (1)174.2 - 174.2
Strawberries(5)17-3310 (2)174.2 - 87.1
Strawberries(5)34-5015 (3)174.2 - 58.07
Strawberries(5)51-6620 (4)174.2 - 43.55
Strawberries(5)67-8325 (5)174.2 - 34.84
Strawberries(5)84-9930 (6)174.2 - 29.03
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