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Strawberry detail.png

A strawberry can be grown by players at level 31 Farming. Players gain 26 Farming experience for planting 3 strawberry seeds in an allotment and gain 29 Farming experience for each berry harvested. There is no flower that protects strawberries from disease when growing, however you may pay the nearby farmer a basket of apples to look after them. It takes 55 minutes for them to grow.

Alternatively, players can obtain strawberries commonly by stealing from Fruit stalls.

When eaten, a strawberry heals 1-6 Hitpoints, (6% of the players maximum Hitpoints, rounded up.). Up to 5 strawberries may be put in a fruit basket. A basket full of strawberries has the ability to hold 30 Hitpoints of food (assuming you have a Hitpoints level of 84 or higher), making it the third best healing method in a single slot, beaten by Purple sweets, and then Saradomin brew.

Three strawberry baskets are the payment for a farmer to watch over the dwellberry bush and orange tree in the Farming skill.

Putting strawberries in a Compost Bin will make normal compost.