Studded leather armour is armour of better quality than leather armour. It requires 20 Ranged to wear, and 20 Defence is required to wear studded body. Studded leather armour can be made using the Crafting skill by members. Making studded body and chaps simply requires adding studs to Leather body and Leather chaps. While a Coif is not studded, it is included here because it requires 20 Ranged to wear and can only be made by members.

Body and chaps can be bought from Horvik's armour store in Varrock and coif from Scavvo's Rune Store in Champions' Guild.


Image Item Ranged attack bonus Shop price
Studded body.png Studded body +8 850 Coins 100.png
Studded chaps.png Studded chaps +6 750 Coins 100.png
Coif.png Coif +2 200 Coins 100.png

Trimmed studded leather armour

Easy Treasure Trails may reward player with trimmed studded leather armour. These pieces offer same stats as the untrimmed versions and they can be used and traded on free-to-play servers:

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