Stumpy chathead

Stumpy is an NPC refueling the stove within the Blast Furnace on Worlds 352, 355, 358, 386 and 387, provided 72,000 coins are deposited into the coffer near the bank chest every hour. Players can speak to him to learn about operating the furnace.

Speaking to him or his brothers, Dumpy, Pumpy, Numpty, and Thumpy, will reveal that they have a rare genetic condition that makes them unusually tall. The player points this out, but he will say that this condition benefits them by allowing them to efficiently operate the blast furnace.

Blast Furnace W358

The five dwarves here operating the furnace are only available on designated Blast Furnace worlds.


  • Stumpy: What is it, human? I'm working.
  • Player: How do I use the furnace?
    • Stumpy: Put your ore on the conveyor belt to get it smelted. We'll stoke the boiler and operate the rest of the machinery for you.
    • Stumpy: You'll have to help repair the furnace whenever a pipe blows, though. Just hit it with a hammer - that usually works.
    • Stumpy: You'll have to put money in the coffer to pay for our services. We charge 72,000 coins per hour; money is deducted as long as you're in this room with us.
  • Player: Gosh, you're a remarkably big dwarf.
    • Stumpy: My brothers and I have a rare genetic condition affecting our growth. Rather than treating us as freaks, you might like to appreciate how useful it is that we can operate the machinery.
    • Player: Sorry.
      • Stumpy: That's ok, human. You're not the first to comment on it. Now, did you need anything? I've got work to do here.
    • Player: Are you sure you're really a dwarf?
      • Stumpy: ... look, do you want help with something, or did you just come here to be rude? I've got work to do.
  • Player: I'll let you get on with it.
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