Super restore detail

A super restore is a potion that restores all player stats that have been lowered, including prayer. Super restores do not restore Hitpoints. They also do not restore run energy, for which an energy potion is more appropriate. Players with level 63 Herblore can make a super restore potion by mixing a snapdragon in a vial of water and then adding red spiders' eggs, giving 142.5 experience. Super restores can further be made into Sanfew serums by adding (in order) unicorn horn dust, clean snake weed and nail beast nails into a 4-dose super restore.

The restore value obtained per dose is 8 + 25% of the player's basic maximum level in each of the affected skills. For example, a player with 84 Thieving and 63 Smithing would restore both 29 points of Thieving and 23 points of Smithing with each dose consumed.

The restore value for Prayer points is 8 + floor(level / 4). The maximum amount of Prayer that can be restored with this potion is 32 at level 96 prayer. A super restore potion restores 1 more prayer points per dose than a prayer potion.

A holy wrench in the player's inventory will add 1-2 additional points to the Prayer restoration of super restore potions.

Two 3-dose super restores can be obtained by starting the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest.

Price per dose

Item Price per dose
Super restore(1) Super restore(1) 2,523
Super restore(2) Super restore(2) 2,452
Super restore(3) Super restore(3) 2,488
Super restore(4) Super restore(4) 2,487


Super restore(3) Super restore (3)
Herblore icon Coins 25 High Level Alchemy icon -
142.5 XP 72 144 -
Herblore Herblore level 63
Snapdragon potion (unf) Snapdragon potion (unf) 1
Red spiders' eggs Red spiders' eggs 1

Maximum prayer restoration

Prayer icon Level Boost Prayer icon Level Boost Prayer icon Level Boost

Dropping monsters

Super restore (3)

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
K'ril Tsutsaroth 650 3 2; Common

Super restore (4)

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Kamil 154 1 1; Always
Cerberus 318 2 2; Common
Vet'ion 454 3 2; Common
Venenatis 464 3 2; Common
Callisto 470 3 2; Common
Kalphite Queen 333 1 3; Uncommon
Commander Zilyana 596 3 3; Uncommon
General Graardor 624 3 3; Uncommon
Abyssal Sire 350 4 3; Uncommon

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