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For a list of all items and upgrades within the Construction skill, see Construction/All milestones.

A player with a zen themed superior garden, surrounded by a redwood fence.

A player with a volcanic themed superior garden, surrounded by an obsidian fence.

A superior garden is a room in Player-owned house that can be built at level 65 Construction with 75,000 coins.

For planting, the player needs to be holding a watering can (with water) in the player's inventory.

There are six different hotspots available:

  • Natural teleport
  • Topiary
  • Pool
  • Theme
  • Fence
  • Seating (x2)

Players can have two or more superior gardens in their house, and when using the Spirit tree or Fairy rings, the player will be teleported to the first garden they have built.

Natural teleport

The natural teleport space allows players to plant a fairy ring (code diq) or spirit tree, allowing quick transportation, provided they have completed the quests required to use them.

Note: In contrast to other hotspots, the natural teleport is not built with a saw, so the crystal saw boost does not apply.

Item Image Level Materials Experience
Spirit tree Spirit tree (Construction) icon.png 75 (plus 83 Farming) 1 Spirit sapling, 1 watering can 350 Con

350 Farm

Obelisk Obelisk (Construction) icon.png 80 4 ancient crystals, 4 marble blocks 3,000
Fairy ring Fairy ring (Construction) icon.png 85 (plus full completion of Fairytale II - Cure a Queen) 10 mushrooms, 1 fairy enchantment, 1 watering can(8) 535
Spirit tree & fairy ring Spirit tree & fairy ring icon.png 95 (plus 83 Farming) 1 Spirit sapling, 10 mushrooms, 1 fairy enchantment, 1 watering can (1-8) 1,170


Players can have the topiaries sculpted into various boss heads with a pair of secateurs or magic secateurs, provided they have killed the boss at least once. The following bosses can be displayed:

Item Image Level Materials Experience
Topiary bush Topiary bush icon.png 65 1 topiary hedge (bagged), 1 watering can 141


The pool space will restore certain stats, depending on the type of pool built.

Pools are constructed in upgrades: before a higher level pool can be built, you must first build the one before it.

Note: You can use the +3 Crystal Saw boost for an upgrade, and use a tea made from your kitchen for a further +3, or a spicy stew +5 for a possible maximum of +8.

Item Image Level Materials Experience Restores...
Restoration pool Restoration pool icon.png 65 5 limestone bricks, 5 buckets of water, 1,000 soul runes, 1,000 body runes 706 Special attack energy
Revitalisation pool Revitalisation pool icon.png 70 10 stamina potion(4) 850 Previous + run energy
Rejuvenation pool Rejuvenation pool icon.png 80 10 prayer potion(4) 900 Previous + prayer points
Fancy rejuvenation pool Fancy rejuvenation pool icon.png 85 10 super restore(4), 2 marble blocks 1,950 Previous + reduced stats
Ornate rejuvenation pool Ornate rejuvenation pool icon.png 90 10 anti-venom(4), 5 gold leaves, 1,000 blood runes 3,107 Previous + hitpoints, also cures poison and venom


Item Image Level Materials Experience
Zen theme Zen theme icon.png 65 6 buckets of sand, 1 pink dye, 1 bagged nice tree, 1 watering can 297
Otherworldly theme Otherworldly theme icon.png 75 8 supercompost, 1 blue dye, 4 mushrooms, 1 magic secateurs, 1 watering can 316
Volcanic theme Volcanic theme icon.png 85 2 Granite (5 kg), 6 onyx, 1,000 fire runes, 2,000 lava runes, 1 watering can 4,464


Item Image Level Materials Experience
Redwood fence Redwood fence icon.png 75 10 redwood logs, 2 steel bars 240
Marble wall Marble wall icon.png 79 8 marble blocks 4,000
Obsidian fence Obsidian fence icon.png 83 10 toktz-mej-tal, 2 tzhaar-ket-om, 25 toktz-xil-ul 2,741


Item Image Level Materials Experience
Teak garden bench Teak garden bench icon.png 66 6 teak planks 540
Gnome bench Gnome bench icon.png 77 6 mahogany planks 840
Marble decorative bench Marble decorative bench icon.png 88 6 marble blocks 3,000
Obsidian decorative bench Obsidian decorative bench icon.png 98 3 marble blocks, 1 onyx, 250 fire runes, 500 lava runes 2,331