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A Swamp lizard is a creature found only in Morytania, southeast of Canifis, south of the Werewolf Agility Course. Players can catch them with the Hunter skill at level 29, requiring a small fishing net and a rope to do so. Each one caught grants 152 experience. To catch a swamp lizard, the player must set up their trap at a young tree. Note, ghasts may be able to attack you depending on where you set up your traps.

When using 3 traps (Hunter level 40) at the same time, one may expect an hourly experience rate of 40k with decent concentration. Depending on efficiency, the rate may rise up to 50k/h.

When caught, a swamp lizard becomes a weapon similar to a flamethrower that uses all three styles of combat. Wielding them requires 30 Attack, 30 Magic and 30 Ranged. Ammunition can be made from mixing one guam leaf and swamp tar together making guam tar.

If you have finished the Myreque quest series up to a certain point, the Canifis shortcut becomes available, making for easier banking. Alternatively, higher levelled players who have completed Desert Treasure and have built a Kharyrll Portal in their player owned houses or are on the Ancient Magicks spellbook can use the Kharyrll Teleport for the fastest method of banking, at the cost of teleport runes.

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