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Swamp paste can be made by mixing flour with swamp tar to make and then cooking the mixture on a fire (not a range), giving 2 experience. It is possible to burn the tar resulting in the player discarding the burnt tar. Swamp tar can be found in Lumbridge Swamp and in Mort Myre Swamp.

Swamp paste can also be bought from the Trader crewmembers at ports such as the one in Catherby, etc., the general store in Port Khazard (south of Ardougne), and Rasolo (west of the Fishing Guild) are very useful for some of the quests listed below. It is also sold at the Mort'ton Builder's Store.

Swamp Paste is used for the following activities:

Swamp paste cannot be combined with herbs to form ammunition for a Salamander using the Herblore skill.