This article is about a bowl of sweetcorn. For uncooked sweetcorn, see sweetcorn.

A bowl of sweetcorn is both food and a cooking ingredient. It can be made by using a bowl on a cooked sweetcorn; this does not require a knife, nor does it provide any Cooking experience. As food, when eaten, it provides healing identical to cooked sweetcorn. A bowl of sweetcorn is called "Sweetcorn" in-game. This may cause confusion among players as raw sweetcorn has the same in-game name.

Its primary use is as an ingredient in making tuna and corn. At level 67 Cooking, with a knife in inventory, members can use a bowl of sweetcorn with cooked tuna to create tuna and corn. This mixture heals 13 hitpoints when eaten, but is usually added to a potato with butter at level 68 Cooking to create a tuna potato that heals 22 hitpoints.

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