Tamayu's Spear Stall is a spear shop in Tai Bwo Wannai, owned by Tamayu, one of Timfraku's sons. It sells karambwan-poisoned spears and cleaning cloths. It requires completion of Tai Bwo Wannai Trio to access, because during the quest Tamayu learns how to use poisoned spears. It can only be accessed by talking to Tamayu, instead of right-clicking the trading option.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
Bronze spear(kp) Bronze spear(kp) 10 26 N/A Not sold
Iron spear(kp) Iron spear(kp) 10 91 N/A Not sold
Steel spear(kp) Steel spear(kp) 5 325 N/A Not sold
Mithril spear(kp) Mithril spear(kp) 2 845 N/A Not sold
Adamant spear(kp) Adamant spear(kp) 0 2,080 N/A Not sold
Rune spear(kp) Rune spear(kp) 0 20,800 N/A Not sold
Cleaning cloth Cleaning cloth 10 60 45 57

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