Tar Monsters reside in the Tar Swamp area of Fossil Island. They hide underneath the tar and only appear as Tar Bubbles. Once a player steps near, they will emerge and attack using a typeless attack style.

Using a hoop snake on them will temporarily stun them, turning them into a Passive Tar Monster, which makes them unaggressive to all players. This can also be done both when they appear as Tar Bubbles and also when they have emerged from the tar.

As Tar Monsters cannot move when they are aggressive, you are able to stand underneath a Tar Monster so that it cannot damage you.


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Bones Bones 1 Always 79
Swamp tar Swamp tar 10 Always 140
Numulite 25 Numulite Unknown Common (9/35; 26%) 19
Unidentified small fossil Unidentified small fossil 1 Uncommon (1/70=1.4%) Not sold
Unidentified medium fossil Unidentified medium fossil 1 Rare (1/140=0.71%) Not sold
Unidentified large fossil Unidentified large fossil 1 Rare (1/175=0.57%) Not sold
Unidentified rare fossil Unidentified rare fossil 1 Rare (1/700=0.14%) Not sold

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