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:''For the flatpacked version, see [[Teak telescope (flatpack)]].''
{{Infobox Construction
|name = Teak telescope
|image = [[File:Teak telescope built.png|150px]]
|icon = [[File:Teak telescope icon.png]]
|level = 64
|experience = 181
|room = [[Study]]
|hotspot = Telescope
|materials = 2 [[Teak plank]]s, 1 [[Molten glass]]
|flatpack = No
|examine = Useful for observing heavenly bodies.
A '''teak telescope''' can be built in the telescope [[hotspot]] of the [[Study]] in a [[player-owned house]]. It requires 64 [[Construction]], 2 [[teak plank]]s, and 1 piece of [[molten glass]] to build. When built, it earns the player 181 [[experience]].
*Even though this piece of furniture cannot be made into a [[flatpack]], the game cache reveals a flatpackable version of it ([[File:Teak telescope (flatpack).png]]). This may be the result of Jagex deciding that these items should not be made flatpackable for unknown reasons, but did not remove the code for the items before launch.

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