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This is the quick guide for Tears of Guthix (quest).
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Start point Quest point icon Talk to Juna, deep inside the Lumbridge Swamp Caves.
Official difficulty Intermediate
Description Deep in the caves in the Lumbridge Swamp is an enchanted place where the tears shed by Guthix when it saw the destruction Saradomin and Zamorak had caused with their wars flow from the very walls. These tears are said to have magical properties to help players gain deeper understanding of the world. However, the cave is guarded by a loyal serpent named Juna who blocks passage from everyone. However, she has grown bored from three thousand years of sitting in the dark cave and wishes to hear stories of life above. Maybe you could come to some sort of arrangement...?
Length Very Short (2 minutes)


Note for ironmen: a bullseye lantern can be obtained by pickpocketing a Cave Goblin or bought from Miltog.

Items required


Enemies to defeat None


Getting started

The Bowl of Stone


Tears of Guthix reward scroll
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