This article is about the spell. For the unobtainable magic tablet, see Telekinetic grab.

Telekinetic Grab requires a Magic level of 33 as well as an Air rune and a Law rune to cast. Doing so grants 43 Magic experience. It is recommended that players use a Staff of air when casting this spell, as the spell will then only require a law rune to cast.

It can be used to pick up an item from a distance, including over or through obstacles such as fences, gates and rivers.

There are certain items that cannot be picked up by using Telekinetic Grab.


Spell cost
1Air rune1Law rune198
Combo runes
1Law rune1Dust rune196
1Law rune1Smoke rune253
1Law rune1Mist rune281
1Law runeStaff of air192
1Law runeMist battlestaff192
1Law runeDust battlestaff192
1Law runeSmoke battlestaff192


Some notable areas where the Telekinetic Grab spell is used:

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