Teleother Falador is a member's spell which requires a Magic level of 82 and teleports the selected person, who must have Accept Aid turned on, to Falador Square.

Remember, you cannot use Ancient Magicks or Lunar spells if you are using regular magic.


Spell cost
1Soul rune1Water rune1Law rune354
Combo runes
1Soul rune1Law rune1Mud rune579
1Soul rune1Law rune1Steam rune505
1Soul rune1Law rune1Mist rune445
1Soul rune1Law runeStaff of water349
1Soul rune1Law runeMist battlestaff349
1Soul rune1Law runeKodai wand349
1Soul rune1Law runeMud battlestaff349
1Soul rune1Law runeSteam battlestaff349