Teleport scrolls are items offering a one-time teleport to a certain location, and are consumed upon use. There are many different scrolls for varying teleport locations. Up to 1000 of each type can be stored inside the master scroll book.

Reading teleport scroll

A player using a scroll to teleport.


Treasure Trails rewards

Item Exchange price
Nardah teleport Nardah teleport 4,947
Digsite teleport Digsite teleport 14,592
Feldip hills teleport Feldip hills teleport 1,444
Lunar isle teleport Lunar isle teleport 5,203
Mort'ton teleport Mort'ton teleport 11,538
Pest control teleport Pest control teleport 367
Piscatoris teleport Piscatoris teleport 3,256
Tai bwo wannai teleport Tai bwo wannai teleport 9,808
Elf camp teleport Elf camp teleport 1,222
Mos le'harmless teleport Mos le'harmless teleport 1,701
Lumberyard teleport Lumberyard teleport 12,767


Item Exchange price
Zul-andra teleport Zul-andra teleport 13,937
Key master teleport Key master teleport Not sold
Revenant cave teleport Revenant cave teleport 27,989

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