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[[File:Teleport map.png|thumb|A map of teleport locations.]]
[[File:Teleport map.png|thumb|A map of teleport locations.]]
'''Teleportation''' is the instant travel from any location to a specific location elsewhere. Teleportation may be performed by any of the following:
'''Teleportation''' is the instant travel from any location to a specific location elsewhere. Teleportation may be performed by any of the following:

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Teleport map

A map of teleport locations.

Teleportation is the instant travel from any location to a specific location elsewhere. Teleportation may be performed by any of the following:


Home Teleport

A player using the Home Teleport spell.

Players who do not have sufficient Magic levels to cast a spell can use a corresponding teleport tablets (see below) from a limited selection.

Standard spellbook

For more information, see Standard spells.

Basic teleports

IconSpellMagic LevelRunes RequiredExperienceNotes
Home Teleport icon Lumbridge Home Teleport1none0This spell will transport you to Lumbridge free of charge. It takes around 10 seconds to cast and is interruptible by Combat. Additionally, it may only be cast every 30 minutes.
Varrock Teleport iconVarrock Teleport251Law rune1Fire rune3Air rune35Transports you to the centre of Varrock, by the fountain near the shop.
Lumbridge Teleport iconLumbridge Teleport311Law rune1Earth rune3Air rune41Transports you to the centre of Lumbridge Castle, in the spot where you come if you die.
Telekinetic Grab iconTelekinetic grab331Law rune1Air rune43Allows you to take an item remotely into your inventory.
Falador Teleport iconFalador Teleport371Law rune1Water rune3Air rune48Transports you to the centre of Falador, by the guards.
Teleport to House iconTeleport to House401Law rune1Earth rune1Air rune30Transports you to your house. See Construction skill.
Camelot Teleport iconCamelot Teleport451Law rune5Air rune55.5Transports you to Camelot south of the castle.
Ardougne Teleport iconArdougne Teleport512Law rune2Water rune61Transports you to Ardougne in the centre of the square. You must complete the Plague City quest to use this teleport.
Watchtower Teleport iconWatchtower Teleport582Law rune2Earth rune68Transports you to the top of the Watchtower, next to Yanille. You must complete the Watchtower quest to use this spell.
Trollheim Teleport iconTrollheim Teleport612Law rune2Fire rune68Transports you to the very top of Trollheim, near Eadgar's cave. You must complete the Eadgar's Ruse quest to use this teleport.
Teleport to Ape Atoll iconTeleport to Ape Atoll642Law rune2Fire rune2Water rune1Banana74Transports you to Ape Atoll. Requires completion of the Awowogei subquest of Recipe for Disaster.
Teleport to Kourend iconTeleport to Kourend692Soul rune2Law rune5Fire rune4Water rune82Transports you to the centre of Great Kourend. Players must unlock the spell via searching for the book, transportation incantations, in the Arceuus House Library.
Teleother Lumbridge iconTele-other Lumbridge741Soul rune1Law rune1Earth rune84Teleports another player who has Accept Aid switched on to Lumbridge.
Teleother Falador iconTele-other Falador821Soul rune1Law rune1Water rune92Teleports another player who has Accept Aid switched on to Falador.
Tele Block iconTele-block851Law rune1Death rune1Chaos rune80Can only be cast on another player in the Wilderness, and if successful, will prevent that player from using teleportation spells for 5 minutes.
Teleport to Bounty Target iconTeleport to Bounty Target851Law rune1Death rune1Chaos rune45Teleports you near your Bounty Hunter target. You can only use this spell after using a Bounty teleport scroll.
Teleother Camelot iconTele-other Camelot902Soul rune1Law rune90Teleports another player who has Accept Aid switched on to Camelot.


To teleport other players, they must have Accept Aid on and agree to be teleported.

Teleother Lumbridge icon Tele-other Lumbridge Teleport another player to Lumbridge.
Teleother Falador icon Tele-other Falador Teleport another player to Falador.
Teleother Camelot icon Tele-other Camelot Teleport another player to Camelot.

Ancient Magicks

Players must have completed Desert Treasure to use Ancient Magicks.

Ancient teleport

A player using Ancient spells to teleport.

Icon Spell Magic icon level Runes Experience Description
Home Teleport icon Home Teleport 0 None None Teleports to Edgeville.
Paddewwa Teleport icon Paddewwa Teleport 54 2Law rune1Fire rune1Air rune 64 Teleports to the entrance of Edgeville Dungeon.
Senntisten Teleport icon Senntisten Teleport 60 1Soul rune2Law rune 70 Teleports to the Digsite Exam Centre. This is one of the only two teleport spells that can be added to a Portal Chamber in a player-owned house that is from the Ancient Magicks spellbook.
Kharyrll Teleport icon Kharyrll Teleport 66 1Blood rune2Law rune 76 Teleports to Canifis. This is one of the only two teleport spells that can be added to a Portal Chamber in a player-owned house that is from the Ancient Magicks spellbook.
Lassar Teleport icon Lassar Teleport 72 2Law rune4Water rune 82 Teleports to the top of Ice Mountain.
Dareeyak Teleport icon Dareeyak Teleport 78 2Law rune3Fire rune2Air rune 88 Teleports to the ruins west of the Bandit Camp in the Wilderness (Level 23).
Carrallangar Teleport icon Carrallangar Teleport 84 2Soul rune2Law rune 94 Teleports to the Graveyard of Shadows in the Wilderness (Level 19).
Annakarl Teleport icon Annakarl Teleport 90 2Blood rune2Law rune 100 Teleports to the Demonic Ruins in the Wilderness (Level 47).
Ghorrock Teleport icon Ghorrock Teleport 96 2Law rune8Water rune 106 Teleports to Ice Plateau in the Wilderness (Level 45).

Lunar Spells

Players must have completed Lunar Diplomacy to use Lunar spells.

Lunar teleport

A player using Lunar spells to teleport.

Basic teleports

IconSpellMagic LevelRunes RequiredExperienceNotes
Home Teleport iconLunar Home Teleport0NoneNoneTeleports next to the bank of Lunar Isle free of charge. It takes around 10 seconds to cast and is interruptible by combat. Additionally, it may only be cast every 30 minutes.
Moonclan Teleport iconMoonclan Teleport691Law rune2Astral rune2Earth rune66Teleports the player near the bank in the Moon Clan town.
Ourania Teleport icon Ourania Teleport 71 1Law rune2Astral rune6Earth rune 69 Teleports the caster to the red salamanders outside of the Ourania Cave. Players must speak to Baba Yaga to unlock the ability to cast this spell.
Waterbirth Teleport iconWaterbirth Teleport721Law rune2Astral rune1Water rune71Teleports the player beside Jarvald's ship on Waterbirth Island, right by the snape grass spawns.
Barbarian Teleport iconBarbarian Teleport752Law rune2Astral rune3Fire rune76Teleports the player next to the Barbarian Outpost.
Khazard Teleport iconKhazard Teleport782Law rune2Astral rune4Water rune80Teleports the player to Port Khazard.
Fishing Guild Teleport iconFishing Guild Teleport853Law rune3Astral rune10Water rune89Teleports the player outside the door of the Fishing Guild.
Catherby Teleport iconCatherby Teleport873Law rune3Astral rune10Water rune92Teleports the player near the bank in Catherby.
Ice Plateau Teleport iconIce Plateau Teleport893Law rune3Astral rune8Water rune96Teleports the player to the members half of the Ice Plateau in level 53 Wilderness. Warns the player that they are about to teleport into the "Deep Wilderness" with an option to abort.

Tele Group

Players wishing to be teleported by the caster must be within a 3x3 square, have Accept Aid turned on and agree to be teleported.

Tele Group Moonclan icon Tele Group Moonclan
Tele Group Waterbirth icon Tele Group Waterbirth
Tele Group Barbarian icon Tele Group Barbarian
Tele Group Khazard icon Tele Group Khazard
Tele Group Fishing Guild icon Tele Group Fishing Guild
Tele Group Catherby icon Tele Group Catherby
Tele Group Ice Plateau icon Tele Group Ice Plateau

Arceuus Spellbook

Players must have gained at least 60% favour with the Arceuus House in Great Kourend. For more information, see Arceuus spellbook.

Icon Spell Magic level Runes required Magic XP Notes
Home Teleport icon Arceuus Home Teleport 1 None 0 Teleports you to the Dark Altar on Great Kourend.
Lumbridge Graveyard Teleport icon Lumbridge Graveyard Teleport 6 1Law rune2Earth rune 10 Teleports you to the Lumbridge Graveyard.
Draynor Manor Teleport icon Draynor Manor Teleport 17 1Law rune1Earth rune1Water rune 16 Teleports you to the Draynor Manor.
Mind Altar Teleport icon Mind Altar Teleport 28 1Law rune2Mind rune 22 Teleports you to the Mind altar.
Respawn Teleport icon Respawn Teleport 34 1Soul rune1Law rune 27 Teleports you to your respawn point.
Salve Graveyard Teleport icon Salve Graveyard Teleport 40 2Soul rune1Law rune 30 Teleports you to the ghoul area by the entrance to Mort Myre Swamp.
Fenkenstrain’s Castle Teleport icon Fenkenstrain’s Castle Teleport 48 1Soul rune1Law rune1Earth rune 50 Teleports you to Fenkenstrain's Castle.
West Ardougne Teleport icon West Ardougne Teleport 61 2Soul rune2Law rune 68 Teleports you to West Ardougne. Requires completion of Biohazard.
Harmony Island Teleport icon Harmony Island Teleport 65 1Soul rune1Law rune1Nature rune 74 Teleports you to Harmony Island. Requires completion of The Great Brain Robbery.
Cemetery Teleport icon Cemetery Teleport 71 1Soul rune1Blood rune1Law rune 82 Teleports you to The Forgotten Cemetery in the Wilderness.
Barrows Teleport icon Barrows Teleport 83 2Soul rune1Blood rune2Law rune 90 Teleports you to the Barrows.
Ape Atoll Teleport icon Ape Atoll Teleport 90 2Soul rune2Blood rune2Law rune 100 Teleports you to the Ape Atoll temple underground.


Location Destination
East of Wizards' Guild second floor Wizards' Tower
South of Wizards' Guild second floor Dark Wizards' Tower
West of Wizards' Guild second floor Sorcerer's Tower
Draynor manor second floor Killerwatt plane
Entrana Dungeon Level 28 Wilderness

House portals in RimmingtonTaverley, PollnivneachRellekka, BrimhavenYanille and Kourend

Player-owned house
Portal Chambers

Three of Lumbridge, CamelotArdougne, CanifisFaladorVarrock and Yanille Watchtower


Enchanted jewellery

Item Destination Charges Rechargeable?
Games necklace Games necklace 8 X mark
Ring of dueling Ring of dueling 8 X mark
Ring of life Ring of life 1 X mark
Combat bracelet Combat bracelet 4 or 6 Yes check
Legends' Guild totem pole or Fountain of Rune
Skills necklace Skills necklace 4 or 6 Yes check
Legends' Guild totem pole or Fountain of Rune
Amulet of glory Amulet of glory 4 or 6 Yes check
Fountain of Heroes or Fountain of Rune
Amulet of eternal glory Amulet of eternal glory Unlimited N/A
Ring of wealth Ring of wealth 5 Yes check
Fountain of Rune
Slayer ring Slayer ring 8 X mark
Ruby necklace Digsite pendant 5 X mark
Ring of returning Ring of returning 5 X mark
Necklace of passage Necklace of passage 5 X mark
Burning amulet Burning amulet 5 X mark

Pharaoh's sceptre

The Pharaoh's sceptre is a rare and expensive item obtained during the Pyramid Plunder minigame based in Sophanem. The sceptre provides three charges (up to eight with the completion of the Desert Diary) of teleports between three pyramids in the Kharidian Desert:

When the sceptre's charges are empty, players may recharge it using the Mummy in the Pyramid Plunder minigame. It is recommended that players use two charges, and teleport to Pyramid plunder to recharge if needed, saving time. In order to recharge, just "use" the sceptre on the Mummy. He will complain about the player owning it, but will go ahead and recharge it anyway. Players will need artefacts from the Pyramid Plunder minigame to recharge the staff - 24 pottery or ivory artefacts, 12 stone artefacts or six (6) gold artefacts are needed.

Skull sceptre

The Skull sceptre is obtained through defeating monsters in the Stronghold of Security and picking up the pieces of the sceptre. The Skull sceptre has five charges to teleport to the Barbarian Village, though Varrock armour possesses the ability to double the number of charges to ten if you assemble the sceptre whilst wearing the armour.

It disappears afterwards, and it cannot be recharged unless players who have the RuneScape Authenticator active on their accounts show the completed sceptre and a pair of fancy or fighting boots to Solztun to imbue the sceptre, which will increase its charges when any pieces are added and cause it not to break. The sceptre does not work over level 20 Wilderness.

Players can only make and keep one skull sceptre at a time - a new Skull sceptre can only be made once the old Skull sceptre is either lost, destroyed, or has disappeared. The Skull sceptre and all its parts cannot be traded. The pieces are:

Left skull half Left skull half (dropped by Ankous)
Top of sceptre Top of sceptre (dropped by Catablepons)
Bottom of sceptre Bottom of sceptre (dropped by Flesh Crawlers)
Right skull half Right skull half (dropped by Minotaurs)
  • Using the skull pieces together forms a Strange skull.
  • Using the top and bottom Skull sceptre pieces form a Runed sceptre.
  • Using the Strange skull and Runed sceptre together form a Skull sceptre.

Xeric's talisman

The Xeric's talisman is obtained as a rare drop from Lizardmen. It can be charged with Lizardman fangs, and extra talismans may be converted into 100 fangs. The talisman holds up to 1,000 charges. The talisman provides teleports to different parts of Great Kourend:

  • Xeric's Lookout - a lookout tower southeast of the encampments in Shayzien House
  • Xeric's Glade - by the magic trees in Hosidius House
  • Xeric's Inferno - by the lovakite furnace in Lovakengj House
  • Xeric's Heart - the center of Great Kourend, by the statue (unlocked after completing Architectural Alliance)
  • Xeric's Honour - at Mount Quidamortem (unlocked after using an Ancient tablet on the talisman)

Oldak's spheres

Oldak, a goblin scientist, has been experimenting with runes and has developed Moving-over-distance sphere. The moving-over-distance sphere isn't a perfect piece of arcane technology, though, so it will teleport you to any one of several locations in Dorgesh-Kaan when you break it. If you want a sphere simply take two law runes and some molten glass to Oldak's laboratory in north-west Dorgesh-Kaan and you can exchange them for a teleportation sphere; different locations may be chosen if you've completed a corresponding quest.

Dorgesh-kaan sphere
Dorgesh-kaan sphere, requires you to have completed the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest.
Goblin village sphere
Goblin village sphere, requires you to have completed the Another Slice of H.A.M. quest.

Spirit trees

Spirit tree

The Spirit Tree at the Grand Exchange

After completion of the Tree Gnome Village quest, you can use Spirit trees to teleport. There are six different spirit tree locations, plus a choice of one player-grown Spirit Tree. They are:

After completing Tree Gnome Village quest, players can access the Spirit Tree in the Tree Gnome Village and the Tree Gnome Stronghold to transport to any of the other three spirit trees, the other (younger) trees will only return you to an older tree.

With a Farming level of 83, players are able to grow their own spirit tree. These will take you to the spirit tree in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. You may only have one at a time. For more information click here. Additionally, players who have achieved level 91 Farming may grow up to two spirit trees at once and unlimited at level 99.

Fairy rings

Fairy ring

After getting permission from the Fairy Godfather during Fairytale II - Cure a Queen, you will find a new network of transportation available to you: fairy rings.

It consists of over 45 fairy rings spread across the land and provides a relatively fast means for accessing often remote sites in RuneScape. Players can enter the fairy ring system from any node while wielding either a dramen staff or a lunar staff, ending up at the master fairy ring in Zanaris. From there, using three letter codes, they can teleport to most rings within the system. Several rings, however, require players to complete quests before they can be accessed. Some locations require a player to enter more than one code in the right order, returning to Zanaris after each trip, but this can be skipped after the first journey to that destination. If the selected code has no corresponding fairy ring, players will be teleported a few squares from the main ring.

The main fairy ring is located in Zanaris, just east of the bank. When you click on it to activate it, you will notice the three mushroom controllers pop up. Each controller has four letters assigned to it. Clicking on the right or left side of a mushroom controller will make it turn clockwise or counter-clockwise, respectively. You can make many combinations from these mushrooms, and click the teleport button to go the location.

Players who have completed the Elite Lumbridge & Draynor Diary will no longer need a dramen or lunar staff.

Teleport tablets

Standard tablets

Teleport Tablet

A player breaking a magic tablet.

Item Destination
Varrock teleport Varrock tablet Varrock
Falador teleport Falador tablet Falador
Lumbridge teleport Lumbridge tablet Lumbridge
Camelot teleport Camelot tablet Camelot
Ardougne teleport Ardougne tablet Ardougne
Watchtower teleport Watchtower tablet Watchtower
Teleport to house House tablet House
Rimmington teleport Rimmington tablet Rimmington
Taverley teleport Taverley tablet Taverley
Pollnivneach teleport Pollnivneach tablet Pollnivneach
Rellekka teleport Rellekka tablet Rellekka
Brimhaven teleport Brimhaven tablet Brimhaven
Yanille teleport Yanille tablet Yanille
Trollheim teleport Trollheim tablet Trollheim
Kourend tablet Kourend

Ancient tablets

These tablets cannot be made, but they can be bought from the Bounty Hunter Store or the Grand Exchange.

Item Desination
Paddewwa teleport Paddewwa teleport Edgeville Dungeon
Senntisten teleport Senntisten teleport Digsite
Kharyrll teleport Kharyrll teleport Canifis
Lassar teleport Lassar teleport Ice Mountain
Dareeyak teleport Dareeyak teleport Ruins, level 23 Wilderness
Carrallangar teleport Carrallangar teleport Graveyard of Shadows, level 18 Wilderness
Annakarl teleport Annakarl teleport Demonic Ruins, level 47 Wilderness
Ghorrock teleport Ghorrock teleport Ice Plateau, level 50 Wilderness

Arceuus tablets

Item Destination
Lumbridge graveyard teleport Lumbridge Graveyard tablet Lumbridge graveyard
Draynor manor teleport Draynor Manor tablet Draynor Manor
Mind altar teleport Mind Altar tablet Mind altar
Salve graveyard teleport Salve Graveyard tablet River Salve graveyard
Fenkenstrain's castle teleport Fenkenstrain’s Castle tablet Fenkenstrain's Castle
West ardougne teleport West Ardougne tablet West Ardougne
Harmony island teleport Harmony Island tablet Harmony Island
Cemetery teleport Cemetery tablet The Forgotten Cemetery
Barrows teleport Barrows tablet Barrows
Ape atoll teleport Ape Atoll tablet Ape Atoll

Teleport scrolls

Item Destination
Digsite teleport Digsite teleport West side of the Digsite
Elf camp teleport Elf camp teleport Elf Camp
Feldip hills teleport Feldip hills teleport Feldip Hills, near the Hunting expert
Lumberyard teleport Lumberyard teleport Lumber Yard, next to the Sawmill operator
Lunar isle teleport Lunar isle teleport Lunar Isle
Mort'ton teleport Mort'ton teleport Mort'ton, near the Swamp Boaty
Mos le'harmless teleport Mos le'harmless teleport Mos Le'Harmless, north-east side of the town
Nardah teleport Nardah teleport Nardah, near the Magic carpet
Pest control teleport Pest control teleport Pest Control, near the bank
Piscatoris teleport Piscatoris teleport Outside the entrance to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony
Tai bwo wannai teleport Tai bwo wannai teleport Tai Bwo Wannai
Zul-andra teleport Zul-andra teleport Zul-Andra
Key master teleport Key master teleport Cerberus' Lair
Revenant caves teleport Outside the South entrance to the Revenant Caves


Basalt, when combined with various salts, can be used to create stony and icy basalt.

Item Destination
Stony basalt Stony basalt Troll Stronghold entrance
Icy basalt Icy basalt Weiss

Magic guild portals

On the second floor of the Magic Guild in Yanille (level 66 Magic required to enter), there are three portals that will teleport you to the following locations (note that these are one-way teleports):

Achievement diary items

Explorer's ring 2 Explorer's ring 3 Explorer's ring 4 Explorer's ring 2/3/4 After completing at least the medium Lumbridge & Draynor Diary, players will receive free teleports to the cabbage field south of Falador with the Explorer's ring. The teleport has limited charges from Explorer's ring 2 and unlimited from Explorer's ring 3 and 4.
Karamja gloves 3 Karamja gloves 4 Karamja gloves 3/Karamja gloves 4 Karamja gloves are your reward for completing all the Easy, Medium, Hard and/or Elite Karamja Diary, given to you by the Jungle Foresters near the entrances to the Kharazi Jungle. They allow free, unlimited teleportation to a gem mine underneath Shilo Village. To activate the teleport, right-click on the gloves for the option or wear them and selecting the 'Operate' option.
Ardougne cloak 1 Ardougne cloak 2 Ardougne cloak 3 Ardougne cloak 4 Ardougne cloak 1/2/3/4 Ardougne cloak is your reward for completing all the Easy, Medium, Hard and/or Elite Ardougne Diary, given to you by Two-pints in Ardougne. All versions of the cloaks allows their wearer to teleport to the monastery south of Ardougne unlimited number of times, while the Ardougne cloaks 2 and 3 can teleport you to the farm north of Ardougne once a day. This daily limit is removed upon completing the especially challenging elite tasks, with the ability to teleport yourself there an infinite number of times gained.
Desert amulet 2 Desert amulet 3 Desert amulet 4 Desert amulet 2/3/4 The Desert amulet is your reward for completing all the Easy, Medium, Hard, and/or Elite Desert Diary. It is given to you by Jarr at the Shantay Pass. Desert amulets Desert amulet 2 and 3 can teleport you to Nardah once per day. This daily limit is removed upon completing the elite diary, with the ability to teleport yourself there an infinite number of times gained.
Morytania legs 2 Morytania legs 3 Morytania legs 4 Morytania legs 2/3/4 The Morytania legs is your reward for completing all the Easy, Medium, Hard, and/or Elite Morytania Diary. It is given to you by Le-sabrè in Canifis. You can teleport to the Slime pit below the Ectofuntus five (5) times per day, whilst the Morytania legs 3 and 4 provide unlimited teleportation to Burgh de Rott, and 4 allows for infinite teleports to both the slime pit and Burgh de Rott.
Fremennik sea boots 2 Fremennik sea boots 3 Fremennik sea boots 4 Fremennik sea boots 2/3/4 The Fremennik sea boots are your reward for completing all the Easy, Medium, Hard, and/or Elite Fremennik Diary. It is given to you by Thorodin south of Rellekka. You can teleport to Rellekka infinite times per day with the Fremennik sea boots 4.
Kandarin headgear 3 Kandarin headgear 4 Kandarin headgear 3/4 The Kandarin headgear is your reward for completing all the Easy, Medium, Hard, and/or Elite Kandarin Diary. It is given to you by The 'Wedge' in Camelot. You can teleport to Sherlock once per day, or infinite times with the Kandarin headgear 4.
Wilderness sword 3 Wilderness sword 4 Wilderness sword 3/4 The Wilderness sword is your reward for completing all the Easy, Medium, Hard, and/or Elite Wilderness Diary. It is given to you by the Lesser Fanatic in Edgeville. You can teleport to the Fountain of Rune once per day, or infinite times with the Wilderness sword 4.
Western banner 3 Western banner 4 Western banner 3/4 The Western banner is your reward for completing all the Easy, Medium, Hard, and/or Elite Western Provinces Diary. It is given to you by the Elder Gnome child in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. You can teleport to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony once per day. This daily limit is removed upon completing the elite diary, with the ability to teleport yourself there an infinite number of times gained.

Skill capes

Item Destination Charges
Crafting cape Crafting cape Crafting Guild Unlimited
Construct. cape Construct. cape Any player-owned house portal Unlimited
Fishing cape Fishing cape Fishing Guild dock Unlimited
Hunter cape Hunter cape Black/red chinchompa hunter areas 5 per day
Strength cape Strength cape Warriors' Guild Unlimited
Quest point cape Quest point cape Legends' Guild Unlimited
Music cape Music cape Falo the Bard Unlimited
Achievement diary cape Achievement diary cape All Diary Masters, including Twiggy O'Korn 10 per day
Max cape Max cape All Skill cape teleports See above

Other items

Quest-related items

Item Destination Charges Recharge method
Ectophial Ectophial Ectofuntus 1 Ectofuntus (Automatic)
Teleport crystal Teleport crystal Lletya 3 Eluned
Royal seed pod Royal seed pod Grand Tree Unlimited N/A
Enchanted lyre Enchanted lyre Rellekka dock 2-4 Fossegrimen's altar
Camulet Camulet Enakhra's Temple 4 Ugthanki dung (Unlimited for a one-off payment of 1,000,000 coins to Lazim)
Kharedst's memoirs Kharedst's memoirs Great Kourend (different locations) 8, increases by 8 with every Zeah quest's completion Inspecting the Old Memorial with a law, body, mind, and soul rune in inventory (One charge per set of runes)
Drakan's medallion Drakan's medallion Ver Sinhaza Unlimited N/A
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