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This template displays a link to an NPC along with the associated chathead. The chathead will be resized to 35 pixels.


{{Chathead link|NPC|pic=file name|txt=alternate text}}


This parameter takes the name of the page that the link is for


If included, this changes the filename used; defaults to the first parameter + chathead; do not include "File:" or ".png"


Alternate text in the link; defaults to the first parameter

Code Produces Standard syntax
{{chatl|Hans}} Hans chathead.pngHans [[File:Hans chathead.png|link=Hans|x35px]] [[Hans]]
{{chatl|Hans|pic=Ned chathead}} Ned chathead.pngHans [[File:Ned chathead.png|link=Hans|x35px]] [[Hans]]
{{chatl|Hans|txt=Gnome child}} Hans chathead.pngGnome child [[File:Hans chathead.png|link=Hans|x35px]] [[Hans|Gnome child]]
{{chatl|Hans|pic=Ned chathead|txt=Gnome child}} Ned chathead.pngGnome child [[File:Ned chathead.png|link=Hans|x35px]] [[Hans|Gnome child]]
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