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{{CiteNPC |npc= |quote= |loc= |notes= |date=~~~~~ |name= }}


The name of the Non-player character being cited.


What the NPC says that is being cited, quoted verbatim. Try to keep this short but relevant.


Optional. The name of the Quest, Holiday event, or other piece of game content during or after which the NPC says the quote being cited, if applicable. Note that this is not the location that the NPC can be found.


Optional. This parameter allows you to add text beginning one space after the end of the citation. Having no formatting (meaning you will have to format it yourself), this area can be used for anything you require.


Leave this field as ~~~~~, it will automatically be converted to the proper date and time format. When verifying the reference, delete whatever is provided and change it to ~~~~~.


Optional. If you want to use this reference more than once, you must name it the first time you use it, then whenever you want to use it again, add {{NamedRef|name}} wherever you want it to re-appear.

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