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CiteSupport is for citing the RuneScape Customer Support pages.

{{CiteSupport |url= |title= |sectitle= |date=~~~~~ |name= }}


Click the section links at the top of the page to make the URL as direct as possible, then paste the whole thing, including the http://.


The title of the article, found at the top of the page in the tan ovoid header.


The title of the section which you are citing. They appear in bold black text in the center of the page. If the page has no section titles (for example The Game won't start), you can use sectitle=no - this is preferable to leaving it blank as it removes the maintenance category.


Leave this field as ~~~~~, it will auotmatically be converted to the proper date and time format. When verifying the reference, delete whatever is provided and change it to ~~~~~.

Standard parameters

The following parameters are standard across all citation templates.


Optional. If you want to use this reference more than once, you must name it the first time you use it, then whenever you want to use it again, add {{NamedRef|name}} wherever you want it to re-appear.


Optional. This parameter allows you to add text beginning one space after end end of the citation. Having no formatting (meaning you will have to format it yourself), this area can be used for anything you require.


Optional. This can be used to put the reference into a specific group, to separate it from other types of reference. See here for more on reference groups.

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