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 {{Infobox City
|name       = The city's real name, not a short form. (eg. Varrock-Dukea Avarrocka)
|map        = A map of the city, without picture tags (eg ''Example.jpg'', not ''[[File:Example.jpg]]''.
|image      = A scenery image to represent how the city looks
|AKA        = Any other names that the city might be called by players (eg. Falador: "Fally")
|kingdom    = Which kingdom or region the city is contained. (eg. Rellekka-Fremennik Lands)
|bank       = If the city has a bank or not, If so number of banks.
|altar      = If the city has an altar or not, If so, number them.
|obelisks   = If the city has a small obelisk or not, If so, number them.
|music      = A music tune from a main, central area of the city. (eg. Mort'ton-Shadowland)
|leader     = The leader or king of the city. (eg. East Arougne-King Lathas)
|tele       = A teleportation spell from a spellbook or jewellery. (eg. Edgeville-Amulet of Glory)
|guild      = A guild in or near the city.
|race       = The race or inhabitants of the city. (eg. Falador-White Knights, Canifis-Werewolves)
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