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Template documentation

The combat template displays the four components that determine the Combat level of a RuneScape character. The formula is the result of a large reverse engineering activity using player contributed data. See the Combat Formula thread on the RuneScape forums for more details. The formula is remarkably accurate. The Combat level description shows the formula used in this template. It contains several non-linear components (various floor operations), which complicate reverse engineering as different skill levels can still produce the same combat level. The reported error margin in the combat formula (under 0.6%) can be explained by accidental typing errors in some of the skill level contributions used in the reverse engineering project.


The main use for this template is for inclusion in a User page which contributors can create when they have opened an account on the wiki. Without an account please use the Sandbox to experiment with the template, rather than editing this template page.

The general format for inserting the template is {{ Combat | combat parameters }} The combat parameters follow the Template:User stats format. Note that when a parameter is absent, the template will use a default value of 1.


The following template call describes a new player without any combat experience. This also are the default values that the template uses when the parameter is absent or misspelled.


The template text above produces the following result:

Defence icon.png 1 Hitpoints icon.png 10
Prayer icon.png 1 2.75
Attack icon.png 1 3.4 3
Strength icon.png 1
Ranged icon.png 1 3.07 3
Magic icon.png 1 3.07 3

The table shows that a starting player will have a combat level of 3. Another example shows a slightly more advanced player:


gives the following result:

Defence icon.png 84 Hitpoints icon.png 92
Prayer icon.png 73 53
Attack icon.png 92 112.47 112
Strength icon.png 91
Ranged icon.png 87 95.25 95
Magic icon.png 98 100.77 100

The first two rows in the table contain the skill levels for the skills that contribute to the the base combat. The base combat is shown with an accuracy of two decimal places. The following rows show the different combat classes (melee, ranged and magic). The row lists the combat skills used for a combat calculation as well as the fractional and the truncated combat values. For the example above, the in-game combat level shown for this player will be 112 which is the highest combat level in the table.

The highest combat levels can be achieved with the following skill levels:

Defence icon.png 99 Hitpoints icon.png 99
Prayer icon.png 98 61.75
Attack icon.png 99 126.1 126
Strength icon.png 99
Ranged icon.png 99 109.85 109
Magic icon.png 99 109.85 109

So, no 99 prayer is required for a combat level of 126, as the floor operation gives the same contribution to the base combat level.

Possible uses

A simple use is to show the combat build up of a RuneScape character. A more advance use allows players to enter target combat skill levels and examine the effect on the combat level. This is particularly useful when training a pure. Pures may train other combat skills without impact their pureness.

Some players are only interested in the levels they need to gain to achieve a certain combat level target. Computing the amount of experience points that such additional levels require can be easily derived from the experience difference between those levels.

How it works

The gory details of the template are viewable by entering the edit mode for the template page. The Combat level template performs the actual calculations. The template consumes around 24 KByte of pre-expand include space of the available 2 MByte.

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