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{{Infobox spell
| name = Name of spell.
| image = Image of spell from the spellbook.
| level = Level required to cast spell.
| cost = Runes required to cast spell. Use the rune images.
| spellbook = Spellbook that casts spell. Normal, Ancient, Lunar, or Arceuus.
| type = The type of the spell. Combat, teleport and skilling are valid options.
| exp = Experience earned from casting spell.
| damage = The maximum damage the spell can inflect without damage boosts.
| element = The attack type of the spell. Air, Water, Earth or Fire.
| quest = Quest needed to cast the spell. Leave empty if no quest is needed, and don't add [[Desert Treasure]] or [[Lunar Diplomacy]].
| lectern = Lowest level lectern that can be used to make a tablet for this spell, if it can be made. Leave it empty if the spell can not be made into a tablet.
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