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Template documentation[edit] [purge]
This documentation is transcluded from Template:Monster/doc.


{{Infobox Monster
|name = In-game name of the monster.
|image = Image of the monster.
|release = Release date of the monster.
|update = Update associated with release date.
|members = Is the monster members only or also available to free to play?
|combat = The monster's level.
|hitpoints = The monster's hitpoints.
|slaylvl = Slayer level required to kill. No if not assigned.
|slayexp = Slayer xp from killing the monster. No if not assigned.
|aggressive = Is the monster aggressive? Yes or No.
|poisonous = Can the monster poison you? If yes, what is the poison's max hit?
|immunepoison = Is the monster immune to poison? Immune or Not immune.
|immunevenom = Is the monster immune to venom? Immune or Not immune.
|attack style = 
|attack speed = The monster's attack speed.
|max hit = The monster's maximum hit.
|weakness = The monster's weakness.
|always drops = What the monster always drops.
|examine = Examine text.
|cat = The category a monster belongs in a slayer assignment.
|turael = If assigned by Turael put Yes
|mazchna = If assigned by Mazchna, put Yes
|vannaka =  If assigned by Vannaka put Yes
|chaeldar = If assigned by Chaeldar, put Yes
|nieve = If assigned by Nieve, put Yes
|duradel = If assigned by Duradel put Yes
|att = The monster's attack level.
|str = The monster's strength level.
|def = The monster's defence level.
|mage = The monster's magic level.
|range = The monster's ranged level.
|astab = The monster's stab attack bonus.
|aslash = The monster's slash attack bonus.
|acrush = The monster's crush attack bonus.
|amagic = The monster's magic attack bonus.
|arange = The monster's ranged attack bonus.
|dstab = The monster's stab defence bonus.
|dslash = The monster's slash defence bonus.
|dcrush = The monster's crush defence bonus.
|dmagic = The monster's magic defence bonus.
|drange = The monster's ranged defence bonus.
|attbns = The monster's attack bonus.
|strbns = The monster's strength bonus.
|rngbns = The monster's ranged strength bonus.
|mbns = The monster's magic strength bonus.

Quick Copy

{{Infobox Monster
|name = 
|image = 
|release = 
|update = 
|members = 
|combat = 
|hitpoints = 
|slaylvl = 
|slayexp = 
|aggressive = 
|poisonous = 
|attack speed = 
|max hit = 
|weakness = 
|always drops = 
|examine = 
|attack style =  
|cat = 
|turael = 
|mazchna = 
|vannaka = 
|chaeldar = 
|nieve = 
|duradel = 
|immunepoison = 
|immunevenom = 
|att = 
|str = 
|def = 
|mage = 
|range = 
|astab = 
|aslash = 
|acrush = 
|amagic = 
|arange = 
|dstab = 
|dslash = 
|dcrush = 
|dmagic = 
|drange = 
|attbns = 
|strbns = 
|rngbns = 
|mbns =