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{{Infobox pet
|name          = Name of the pet.
|image         = Image of the pet.
|inventory     = The inventory icon of the pet.
|release       = When was the pet released?
|update        = A link to the corresponding update page when the pet was released, without the Update: prefix.
|race          = What race/species is the pet?
|location      = Source of where the pet can be obtained.
|skillrequired = Skill requirement involved with pet.
|questrequired = Quest requirement involved with pet.
|growthtime    = The number of minutes it takes for the pet to grow.
|food          = What to feed it.
|colours       = How many colours are available.
|examine       = The examine text of the pet.
|warning       = If this pet becomes 100% hungry it will run away.
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