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DocumentationThis is a documentation subpage for Template:Quest rewards.
It contains usage information, categories, and other content that is not part of the original template page.

The Quest rewards template is used to display the contents of the Rewards section on quest articles.


{{Quest rewards
|name = Monkey Madness II
|image = [[File:Monkey Madness II reward scroll.png]]
|qp = 4
|rewards =
*{{Skill clickpic|Quest|4}} [[Quest points]]
*{{Skill clickpic|Slayer|25,000}} [[Slayer]] experience
*{{Skill clickpic|Agility|20,000}} [[Agility]] experience
*{{Skill clickpic|Thieving|15,000}} [[Thieving]] experience
*{{Skill clickpic|Hunter|15,000}} [[Hunter]] experience
*Access to the [[Crash Site Cavern]]
*The ability to communicate with monkeys in [[Ape Atoll]] without the [[M'speak amulet]].
*All NPCs on the surface of [[Ape Atoll]] will be non-aggressive without requiring the use of [[Monkey greegree]]s. 
*Access to [[Ape Atoll]] bank and [[Oobapohk's Javelin Store]]. 
*Access to new glider spot directly to Ape Atoll.
*2x 50,000 [[Experience]] rewards from [[Duke]] in your choice of [[Magic]], [[Ranged]], [[Attack]], [[Defence]], [[Strength]] or [[Hitpoints]]. Found on the hill east of main gate of Ape Atoll. (Walk up west hill, and climb the ladder to reach the east hill.)
*Ability to wield the [[Heavy Ballista]].
*A [[Royal seed pod]], which provides unlimited teleports to the [[Grand Tree]] (Up to level 30 wilderness).
*A [[Monkey (Monkey Madness II)|Monkey]] can be found in one of the crates at the Crash Site. It is purely cosmetic and can be equipped in the cape slot.
*The ability to re-fight [[Glough]] by gazing into the [[Burning brazier]] in [[Zooknock]]s house.
*Access to a new [[Maniacal monkey (Hunter)|maniacal monkey]] hunting area where Glough's laboratory used to be in [[Kruk's Dungeon]].


Parameter Usage Code Mandatory?
name Produces the reward scroll image
|name = Monkey Madness II
image Image of the quest rewards screen
|image = [[File:Quest reward.png]]
qp Amount of quest points awarded by the quest
|qp = 1
rewards Other rewards
|rewards =
* A lamp
* Some XP