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Location on World Map
Relative location
Template documentation[edit] [purge]
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The Relativelocation template is used to display graphically where a location is in terms of other landmarks.


{{Relative location
|location =
|south    = 
|north    = 
|west     = 
|east     =


North, south, east, and west

Location on World Map
Chaos Temple
Barbarian Village Varrock Paterdomus
{{Relative location
|location = Varrock
|south    = Lumbridge
|north    = Chaos Temple (Wilderness){{!}}Chaos Temple
|west     = Barbarian Village
|east     = Paterdomus

North only; width 400 pixels

Location on World Map
{{Relative location
|location = Rimmington
|width    = 400px
|north    = Falador

North, south, east, west; floated to the left

Location on World Map
Champions' Guild
Tutorial Island Lumbridge Al Kharid
Lumbridge Swamp

{{Relative location
|location = Lumbridge
|north    = Champions' Guild
|south    = Lumbridge Swamp
|east     = Al Kharid
|west     = Tutorial Island
|float    = left