Spell cost
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Template:Spell cost table invokes Module:Spell cost table using Lua.

Creates a table for cost of casting a spell. Automatically calculates additional costs for combo runes and staves.

To hide the staff section for any reason, add the parameter nostaff with any value.

{{Spell cost table
|Rune# = <name> (without rune)
|Rune#num = amount

Example (from Fire Wave)

{{Spell cost table
|Rune1 = fire
|Rune1num = 7
|Rune2 = air
|Rune2num = 5
|Rune3 = blood
|Rune3num = 1

Spell cost
7Fire rune5Air rune1Blood rune427
Combo runes
7Fire rune1Blood rune5Dust rune422
5Air rune1Blood rune7Lava rune420
1Blood rune7Smoke rune864
5Air rune1Blood rune7Steam rune868
7Fire rune1Blood rune5Mist rune1,212
7Fire rune1Blood runeStaff of air402
7Fire rune1Blood runeMist battlestaff402
7Fire rune1Blood runeDust battlestaff402
5Air rune1Blood runeTome of fire392
1Blood runeStaff of airTome of fire367
5Air rune1Blood runeLava battlestaff392
5Air rune1Blood runeSteam battlestaff392
1Blood runeMist battlestaffTome of fire367
1Blood runeDust battlestaffTome of fire367
5Air rune1Blood runeStaff of fire392
1Blood runeSmoke battlestaff367
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