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The StoreLine template is to be used in conjunction with {{StoreTableHead}} provide a listing of items that are found in a shop. It also helps to provide a uniform look of how the shop information is presented for all articles about shop on the wiki.


{{StoreLine|Name=Pot|DisplayName=Another empty pot|Stock=30|Sell=1|Buy=0}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Firemaking cape|Stock=1|Sell=99000|Buy=|Image=Firemaking cape.png|gemw=no}}


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
Pot.png Pot 30 1 0 4
Pot.png Another empty pot 30 1 0 4
Jug.png Jug 10 1 0 4
Shears.png Shears 10 1 0 57
Coins 100.png Tinderbox 10 1 0 62
Firemaking cape.png Firemaking cape 1 99 0 Not sold


  • Name: the item
  • DislayName: an optional name for the item
  • Stock: number of items that are typically found in the shop before a player buys or sells those items.
  • Sell: price from which a shop will sell this item to a player for the first item.
  • Buy: price at which a shop will buy the first item from a player, if the shop is at the default or typical stock quantity.
  • Image: an optional image for the item. Use {{Pic link}}.
    • Image size is optional (i.e. to resize the image to 25 pixels by 25 pixels, add this at the end: {{!}}25x25px
  • gemwname: Use to display an alternate value for the Grand Exchange Market Watch

Blank template

Note that the template should be used in one line, like the example below.


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