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Creates a wikilink to update pages with the Update prefix removed.

{{UD|Update name}}


This template is designed to greatly reduce the amount of wikicode required for linking an update on pages such as date pages or lists.

It is designed to create a wikilink where the displayed text is exactly the same as the page name without the Update: prefix. For example, {{UD|TzHaar Quest, Minigame and Graphical Rework}} results in TzHaar Quest, Minigame and Graphical Rework; this is as opposed to having to type [[Update:TzHaar Quest, Minigame and Graphical Rework|TzHaar Quest, Minigame and Graphical Rework]] for the same result.

Alternative text may be produced with the optional second parameter; however, as this template is designed to save space, this should be done sparingly.
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