Tenti pineapple detail.png

The tenti pineapple, or the 'Bedabin ambrosia' (according to the Bedabin nomads) is a special pineapple that, according to Al Shabim, is grown in a secret location in order to prevent thieves from raiding them. It is used in The Tourist Trap quest. It is received from the Bedabin Camp bandits to bribe the guards to let the player pass into the slave mining dungeon. Like ordinary pineapples, it has an 'Eat' option, but cannot be consumed whole. Like an ordinary pineapple, it is possible to use a knife on it, giving the option to cut it into pineapple rings or pineapple chunks, and it can also be placed in a compost bin. If it is lost, it can be re-obtained from Al Shabim.

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