The Draugen is a monster encountered during The Fremennik Trials quest that must be defeated in order to gain council member Sigli's vote. It can only be found by using a Hunters' talisman given by Sigli. This works very much like a Runecrafting talisman, telling the player in which direction to travel to find the Draugen.

It will periodically move around, where it can be anywhere from the river leading to Rellekka by the Council workman spanning all the way east, and in the forest area east of Rellekka. Depending on where it is found, it may be lured behind a tree stump and safespotted. After a while it will teleport far from its last location, which gives the player the message in their chatbox "The Draugen has moved elsewhere...". A common strategy to find it quickly is by waiting in a specific location until it is nearby, usually by the river. World switching may also help.

The Draugen is considered undead and thus is affected by the salve amulet. It is resistant to Ranged attacks.


  • The Draugen is based on Draugr, an undead creature from Norse mythology.

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