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The scene of the Forgotten Cemetery and nearby spots.

Location on World Map
King Black Dragon Lair
God Wars Dungeon Forgotten Cemetery Wilderness God Wars Dungeon
Ruins (west)

A player in the Forgotten Cemetery.

The Forgotten Cemetery is a minor area in the Wilderness at around level 30. It contains ankous, ghosts, skeletons, and zombies. The cemetery is visited by those wishing to complete the Wilderness Diary, as a medium task requires the player to kill an ankou in the Wilderness and is the one of the two locations where they can be found.

The Agility shortcut (level 64) just north-west of the cemetery is a one-way shortcut from the God Wars Dungeon into the Wilderness.

Ian's Wilderness Cape Shop, which sells team capes with crosses on them, can be found inside the cemetery itself.

Ways to get there


  • Interestingly enough, there is a single man who wanders the cemetery. His dialogue is the same as other men found throughout RuneScape and does not show signs that he is in an extremely dangerous area. His drops from pickpocketing and killing him are also the same as the others.