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This is the quick guide for The Giant Dwarf.
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Start point Inside the Keldagrim mines east of Rellekka and north of the Mountain Camp. Follow the dwarven statues to the underground river. Inside the Keldagrim mines east of Rellekka and north of the Mountain Camp. Follow the dwarven statues to the underground river.
Official difficulty Intermediate
Description Five hundred years have passed since the rule of King Alvis, saviour of Keldagrim and victim of his own inventions.

He founded the Consortium: the gathering of Mining companies that were to serve the monarchy. But, eventually, the monarchy came to serve the Consortium.

By the time of his death, the monarchy was all but abolished. Now the Kings in Keldagrim are but a distant memory... with only the statue of King Alvis to remind the people of the old days, the dark days.

So begins the Rise of the Red Axe, the new multi-part storyline centered around the dwarves and their capital of Keldagrim. The first quest, The Giant Dwarf, introduces the city and the powerful business Consortium that rules the dwarven realm. Discover weird goings-on, narrowly escape from falling chunks of rock, ride around in minecarts and... make sure you don't bump into the wrong person on the way to the city!

Length Medium to Long


Items required


Enemies to defeat None


Starting out

Items Required: None

  • Speak to the Dwarven Boatman. (DKS then through the cave west) (Chat 11)
  • Finish the conversation with Commander Veldaban. (Chat 2)
  • Talk to Blasidar the sculptor on the east side of Keldagrim, south of the kebab shop. (Chat 2)

Clothes fit for a king

Items Required: Weight below 30 kg, Logs, Coal, Tinderbox, 200gp

  • Talk to Vermundi, the silk trader in the eastern market. (Chat 2)
  • Talk to the Librarian in the north-eastern corner of West Keldagrim. (Chat 2)
  • Climb any bookcase to find a book on costumes known as the ‘Scholars Guide to Dwarven Costumes’.
  • If you didn't bring coal, mine 1 ore in the northeast corner of East Keldagrim.
  • Talk to Vermundi again. (Chat 2)
  • Use your coal and logs on the spinning machine then light it with a tinderbox.
  • Talk to Vermundi again and pay 200gp for exquisite clothes. (Chat 21)

Boots fit for a king

Items Required: Law and Air runes to cast Telekinetic Grab

  • Talk to Saro at the anvil south-west of the bank in West Keldagrim. (Chat 2)
  • Speak to Dromund in the house just north of the bank.
  • Take the left boot when he isn’t looking.
  • Telegrab the right boot from outside his window.

An axe fit for a king

Items Required: 3 Sapphires, an iron bar, a redberry pie (If you haven't done Knight's Sword)

  • Talk to Santiri at the weapon shop in north-western West Keldagrim. (Chat 222)
  • Use your 3 sapphires on the axe and talk to him again. (Chat 2)
  • Talk to Thurgo at Mudskipper Point (AIQ), and give him an iron bar to repair the axe. (Chat 221) (2-3-1 if you have not completed Knight's Sword)
    • Note: Thurgo will require a redberry pie if you haven't already given him one during Knight's Sword
  • You will be given the option to immediately return to Keldagrim; do so. (Chat 1)

Halfway There

Items Required: Exquisite Clothes, Exquisite Boots, Dwarven Battleaxe

Joining the consortium

Items Required: Various ores, Various bars, Stamina/Energy Potions

  • Go to the upper floor of the market and talk to the secretary of any company except the red axe, brown engine (if you are female) and yellow fortune (if you are male). (Chat 3). Buy the ores from Ordan in the Blast Furnace to save time.
  • Offer to help them.
    • Note: The secretaries require you to retrieve ores. (cannot be notes) Be sure to read the dialog to know what ores you need or fill your inventory with about 5 of each.
  • After a few (3-8) tasks, the secretary will let you speak to the director.
    • Note: Don't refuse tasks, if you don’t like the task click on the secretary again for a new task before closing the dialog. Refusing too many tasks will gradually reduce your favour with them, and you will have to do more tasks to make up for it.
  • Complete some tasks for the director until he allows you to join the company (You should try telling him Blasidar sent you first, since sometimes you get accepted without getting bars else mention it when he asks you).
    • Note: The directors require you to retrieve bars. (cannot be notes) Be sure to read the dialog to know what bars you need or fill your inventory with about 5 of each.
  • Tell the director that Blasidar sent you, offer your support. (Chat 311)
  • Go back and talk to Commander Veldaban west of the bank, he will ask if you want to attend the meeting. You may choose not to.

Quest complete!


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