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The Green Ghost is an inn found in Port Phasmatys, a large seaport found in north-eastern Morytania. Since the town fell under the leadership of Necrovarus, its deceased citizens have remained trapped in this world, and the port has fallen into disrepair.


During Port Phasmatys' height, the Green Ghost was a very successful inn. The many pirates from the South-eastern sea and the traders from the Eastern Lands brought with them business, adding to the town's already thriving populous.


The Ghost innkeeper that manages the inn has long since stopped selling beer, as the inn's pipes have run dry and supplies are scarce. Players, after reaching a certain point in Ghosts Ahoy, can receive wearable Bedsheets from the innkeeper.

The inn's most popular attraction is its basement, where a small brewery is still maintained. Here players can brew a variety of ales and cider. Players can also purchase ale yeast from Metarialus, provided they have a pot and 5 ectotokens. The brewery is closer to a bank than the one in Keldagrim, although the need for ectotokens makes it somewhat less accessible.


  • Ghost innkeeper - The innkeeper is the sole worker in The Green Ghost. Despite this, his days are very quiet, as few visitors still come to the inn.
  • Metarialus - For reasons unknown, Metarialus works in the brewery even though the inn has long since stopped serving ale. He will be happy to teach visitors to brew.
  • Bill Teach - Bill is a pirate from Mos Le'Harmless. After angering a particularly fierce group of pirates, Bill was forced to dock his ship, The Adventurous, in Port Phasmatys. Now, trapped by a shipping barricade, he seeks help. Bill is the start point of Cabin Fever.
  • Robin - The famous Robin Hood is visiting Port Phasmatys for reasons unknown. Although he seems to be quiet for now, he will not object to a spot of gambling during Ghosts Ahoy.