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Start point Quest point icon Talk to Bert in Yanille near the sandpit.
Official difficulty Intermediate
Description Bert the Sandman in Yanille is in a spot of bother. A mysterious severed hand has appeared in his sand box. Help find out whose hand it is and, more to the point, how it got in Bert's sand box.
Length Short-Medium (Short if using Scroll of redirection)
Items required

Teleportation jewellery: A ring of dueling and a charged amulet of glory will be very useful running back forth between Yanille and Brimhaven, or house teleports and scrolls of redirection

Enemies to defeat None


Sandy Hand

Items needed: A Beer

Sandy the Slavedriver

Truth Serum

Items needed: 2 Vials, a Lantern lens, Redberries and White berries

Sandy Truth-Be-Told

  • Travel to Brimhaven and talk to Sandy.
    • Select an option until you distract him, and use the Truth serum on Sandy's Coffee Mug.
  • Activate the Magical orb and talk to Sandy again. Be sure to click every option.

And Sandy said, "Drat-foiled again!"

Items needed: 5 Earth runes and a Bucket of sand


The Hand in the Sand reward scroll
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