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The Kendal chathead
The Kendal is a monster from the Mountain Daughter quest. He is located to the Cave north of the Mountain Camp, and has a maximum hit of 9.

At first, the mountain people believe him to be the Kendal, one of their gods. However, he is actually a man in a suit. The player discovers the Kendal's secret after laughing at him and stating he looks like a man in a suit, to which the Kendal exclaims with "How did you find out!?"

Once the player kills the Kendal they obtain the Bearhead mask and are able to put the chieftain's daughter, Asleif, to rest.

He can be fought in the Nightmare Zone after the quest is complete.

Fighting tips

Fighting the Kendal

A player fighting the Kendal.

It is an easy fight; you do not need a lot of food (unless you're a lower level), and, if you have protect from melee, you don't need food at all, but might wish to bring a prayer potion.


  • The Kendal takes its name from the town of Kendal in the county of Cumbria, England. It may also be a reference to Grendel from the legend of Beowulf.
  • Another reference may be Eaters of the Dead, and The 13th Warrior, a movie based on it.

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