The Pescallion is the founder of the KGP, and the emperor of the penguins. He has a number of sons, one of which is the head of research and development at the Iceberg base, Pescaling Pax. While his son, Pescaling Pax, seems to be mostly in charge of the penguins at the iceberg, The Pescallion still has a somewhat active role, as a KGP spy mentions that the Pescallion sent him on a mission to Ardougne Zoo during the Cold War quest.

The Pescallion's location is unknown, but presumably the Motherland or Palingrad. He is also notable for having found the Iceberg and founded the KGP after the signing of the Treaty of Barnaculas the Great.


  • The Pescallion being the emperor of the penguins is likely a reference to the emperor penguin species.
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